Writers Brain Freeze Tips

Ever have a case of Writers Brain Freeze? This is my new word for what others usually call writers block. There is a big race on the “world wide web” to get the best quality content in exchange for great traffic results. The problem is, after us writers put down many of our thoughts our brain just freezes. Everyone wants seo content for their sites to improve search engine ranking. What a terrible thing to be on a role and then “bam” you are stuck. Going out to dinner tonight I was watching the customer service given from the restaurant all around. I noticed some interesting things about how they must repeat themselves every night with the same words, same questions & same foods to be delivered. So my party and I decided to be fun and ask for things in a different way. This excited our waitress and in return we received better service. Why I am telling you this is because to get the results we want we have to learn to put some twists on how we do things. Offering the same services or products needs something else sometimes to stand out. This is a great way to un-freeze your brain as you start thinking beyond what you are doing and saying on your website. Take a look around and watch and consider ways that people may need your offerings in creative ways. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Get off your lazy @$$ and do something fun. While you are doing this, think about what you are doing, how you are being treated by others around you and what you can do to improve your situation. This will help your creative thinking to return even though it may not be about your business or what you need to write about
  2. Make some calls and practice explaining what you do or what you are writing about. Make some jokes about it and ask options from others. Who knows, maybe something the other person says may spark your brain again
  3. Do a search on the web for keywords. Think about delivering seo content with those keywords in a way that when someone reads it, they will be impressed.
  4. Take a 15 minute power nap and think of nothing but white space. When you wake up don’t think about anything just get to your pc and start typing words. Do this for about 5 minutes, typing random things that just come to mind as your fingers fly on the keyboard. Go over these words and look for something you can use.
  5. Drink 4 cups of water in 5 minutes, wait 5 minutes drink 4 more cups of water and run around the room yelling “I Have Writers Brain Freeze” until you have to use the restroom. Then return to your computer and start writing. I know, you are laughing at this, but it is no joke, if 1 -4 does not help do this, I am serious!
  6. Do a search on your topic in sites like “Digg.com” or “PrWeb.com” and find information others have wrote and look for things they could have done better or ways they could have worded things to sound more interesting. Then write these ideas down and use them for your content.

Writing content is difficult at times, writing seo content makes it that much more a pain! Sitting in front of your computer smacking your head will not produce results. Get busy and start doing things to help your writing skills continue to flow and create content that will blow your readers away.

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