Winds of Change: Technical SEO Raises Results

Increasing traffic to a client’s site by means of effective SEO optimization is the goal of many web publishers and SEO experts. Because of this, al professional SEO personnel strive to offer tangible results.

The strategy for effective SEO is dependent on a mixture of strategies that includes technical SEO, SEO content planning, implementation and web marketing.

Technical SEO tactics include keyword search, smart title tags, page headers, rich text, alt tags, anchor text and optimization of site navigation

Good SEO content planning and implementation includes finding the best articles provided by the most knowledgeable writers. Besides good SEO content writing, the pages must be quality work, and include a mixture of rich text, the right headers and titles, and must also be keyword rich.

A major objective of any SEO campaign is to provide great web marketing strategies through the correct implementation of web links. Web links are a critical component to ensure good search engine rankings.

A case study on technical SEO submitted by Aaron Eden, a technical project manager at the Stevenson School, illustrated the components necessary for SEO strategies.

From Eden’s perspective, Trade wind Carmel’s initial site design was poorly optimized. He noted that the main drawbacks of the site design were:

• Images improperly used to implement links on the homepage
• Identical title pages
• No HTML headers
• Alt tags absent
• Low keyword density

The technical SEO changes implemented by me doubled the visitors and the revenues in just a short time period, and demonstrate the potential of good SEO strategy

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