What is “SEO Mind Crime” All About

In a recent article titled “SEO Mind Crime” the author pointed out a very important point on SEO position and SEO Content Web Writing. The main point is watch your dollars closely and don’t hand over your money to companies promising top 10 positions in the search engines especially Google. Now, I have to say this is a wise thing to consider and also as I have pointed out in other articles that we are so eager to get traffic that we are ready to believe anyone who sounds confident that they can guarantee top 10 spots.

So what is all this SEO about and is it truly a dead service? Well to be honest most SEO companies who promise only the top 10 spots would be like your dog promising not bark at strangers if you only give him some of your food. Yeah, people are greedy and know that most business owners on the web want traffic and sales. But SEO services are not dead in any way. I say this because there are many things involved that most individual web site owners can’t do on their own, there are better blog platforms being and more.How do you avoid the “SEO Mind Crime” and make sure you still benefit from natural search results.

Understand that your best bet in gaining positions is “SEO Content Web Writing“. This is different then standard writing and done in such a way that keyword is properly placed within your sites content and done in such a way that it does not over do it, while still leaving Intelligent Content on your site. Take that concept combined with RSS aggregation and find your self being indexed by the search engines.

Our company does not focus on promises of top 10 placement we focus on quality keyword content using “SEO Content Web Writing” as our formula for success. We focus on educating our clients and helping them in areas that they are not able to do on their own. We believe in natural results and are here to help.

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