Things To Be Taken Into The Consideration In The Ghost Writer Contract:

If you want to become a ghost writer its important for both you and your client to sign a contract that includes the following clauses in order to get all the doubts cleared from your mind, like is your name going to be published as a ghost in the article or the book you are writing etc, here are the following clauses that should be included in the ghost writer contract to help both ghost writer and client:

(a) Agreement for the privacy and rights for all the matter.
(b) The summary of the monetary and timing provisions.
(c) The officially authorized nature of the working bond.
(d) An explanation of services and assurance of either no conflicts of interest or a listing of any likely conflicts
(e) An explanation of any research required
(f) Particulars on price and payment
(g) Official and monetary responsibilities of both parties
(h) Ownerships rights and authorship
(i) Particulars concerning termination by death and disability, or a written note.
(j) Particulars of written officially authorized notice, negotiation, place.

While signing up the contract as a ghost writer or a client, just make sure all the above clauses are covered in the contract of ghost writing.

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