The Search Engine Visibility Famine

This is serious people, there is a severe famine for Search Engine Visibility. For some this has been ongoing for years. Trial after trial and service provider, one after the other has been failing in providing the traffic needed for online sites to make real money. The whole point of a site is to generate traffic and yet site owners don’t give up despite this vast famine.

There are great companies with services that are top notch that most of us will never know about them because we just can’t find them. Gaining the exposure that is necessary is done so by proper planning and not buying into the idea that you can get top spots guaranteed by companies using old methods. No wonder search engine visibility is in a famine, we are using old tricks or paying people to use methods that just don’t work.

Are you aware that there are several ways to gain exposure:

  1. Social Bookmarking Sites
  2. Advertising on Top rated sites
  3. Writing Articles and distributing them to article directories
  4. Posting to free directories
  5. Building your own social bookmarking sites or article directories
  6. Writing tons of informative content on your own site
  7. Using Blogs to post content and notify search engines
  8. Using proper keywords, meta tags
  9. Making sure your site is Xhtml/css compliant

There are more and this list can be overwhelming. The sites who are doing the best in the search engines are applying these methods on an on going basis. If you want search engine visibility and get out of this famine it is time to get to work!

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