The Question: What Is Content Writing?

I am constantly approached by people who ask what a freelance writer is and what they do. Their first guess is always that a freelance writer works for a newspaper, and while many do, the big money now rests in content writing. But trying to explain to someone what, exactly, content writing is, for some reason, seems to take forever.

Take a look at every website you see. Every website (aside from galleries) have writing on them. It is the writing that is the content for the site. Freelance writers and ghost writers are often responsible for putting all of that content onto the website. Now there are those company owners who believe that they can write well enough to provide the content on their own, and while there is the rare owner who can product quality content, why would you want to waste your time putting the content on? A ghost writer will be able to give you guaranteed high quality content without you having to waste your time trying to write up the content and constantly editing yourself. Content writers are often equipped to write not only straight content, but also content for blogs, press releases, and other types of media, making them very versatile indeed.

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