Signs You Can’t Trust Someone Offering Writing Services

We live in a virtual world, and it’s often hard to know who you can trust. There are plenty of companies out there offering writing services that are sub-par, just as there are many who offer writing services that are excellent. How can you tell which company has legitimate content writers and which ones are trying to scam you?

1. Take a look at the emails that you’re sending back and forth. Are they well-written or are they barely legible? If it is the writer that you’re emailing, and the writing isn’t well-done, you may want to run and run quickly.

2. Do they offer to do a sample for you? Good content companies will almost always offer to give you a sample so that you can see if their writer is going to be a good fit for what you need.

3. How is their customer service? Writing is just like every other industry, and customer service is key. A company that offers high quality writing services should be able to answer your questions and should strive to make your content exactly what you want it to be.

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