Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Ranking refers to the position assigned to popular search engines based on various factors like users, hits and applications. Search Engines are basically web-enabled applications that allows Internet users to access information relating to subjects of their choice.

The concept of search engine was evolved almost two decades ago when the Internet started gaining popularity. Some of the early entrants into the search engine segment include Yahoo!, MSN, Alta Vista, Lycos and the latest is Google. The search engine is an integral part of any Internet site or portal.

Search engines also power the searching capacity of other individual web sites. For instance, a newspaper portal. If a visitor wants to access archives or news reports of the previous editions, the search will be powered by the search engine technology deployed by a particular company.

The search engines are ranked depending on the number of visitors it receives on a daily basis. The search engines are ranked every year by a team of technology professionals in association with a firm active in similar domain or a media publication. Every year, the search engine ranking alters as companies change their business strategies to attract a larger number of visitors. There are hundreds of Internet sites dedicated to search engine ranking. Visit any of them for the latest updates.

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