Ranked by Search Engine Use

Search Engines are a internet based tool or application by which information or data on a particular subject can be accessed. Search engines open the doors to the virtual world. Some of the popular search engines include Yahoo!, Google, MSN, Metaspider, Lycos, Alta Vista, 800go, AskJeeves and HotBot. The proper use of search engines could lead to better search engine ranking.

These search engines are dedicated to queries of a general nature, but there are other search engines designed for technical and specialized subjects. All these search engines are ranked based on the number of visitors they get each day. Today, Google is the highest ranked search engine in the world.

Search engines also power the search capability of individual portals and web pages of companies and products. These companies work with the search engines and have mastered technology that optimizes the search for a particular word.

Every year, associations, especially those connected to the Information Technology sector, conduct surveys and publish search engine rankings. The parameters applied include the number of visitors, number of hits, number of web pages per search, number of repeated visitors and number of words searched.

Search engine rankings are published in the leading magazines and newspapers around the world. This increases the advertising revenue of the search engines as more and more companies and products opt to use the top ten search engines.

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