PodCast Marketing: Reaching a Larger Audience

Podcast Marketing has started to create some buzz amongst internet marketers for being a marketing source that has remained virtually untapped. Those who have taken advantage of podcasting have found that broadcast marketing yields incredible results.

When the World Wide Web really started to come to life, it offered business opportunities that were truly global in their scope. It was like doing business in the Wild West, and small and large companies alike were able to exploit this new frontier and compete on the world stage. It wasn’t until the advent of the search engine that the internet became somewhat organized. Unfortunately, this also had an unintended effect. Many web based companies were forced to go under because internet users were unable to locate them in the search engines. Obviously, this temporarily shrank the competitive market and forced web business owners to become much more technologically savvy. Currently, internet based companies have a host of avenues available to them that go beyond the computer monitor and allow you to reach your target audience from their iPod, cell phone, PSP and many other devices.

If done correctly, Podcast Marketing has the potential to drastically improve your rankings in the search engines and produce results for your web based business. Podcasting technology, however, can be a little difficult to grasp and both large and small businesses are still trying to understand its potential. A Podcast is not a video, but an MP3 file that is posted to your website. For example, your audio file could give a brief description of your company and the services that you offer. However, simply posting an MP3 file to your site does not constitute true Podcast Marketing. There are other steps you will need to take to accomplish this

In reality, Podcast Marketing is “broadcast marketing,” and this type of strategy extends your reach to a wider audience. This type of audience would rather listen to a Podcast then read through countless web pages of information and for them, this is a welcome and refreshing alternative. This form of marketing requires that you load an MP3 file directly onto your blog or web site. In addition, you will want to post it in such a way that the user does not have to leave your site to listen to the file. Finally, you will need an xml/rss feed in order to syndicate your podcast to as many podcasting sites as possible. This will enable your audience to get your file from a host of podcast sites, including iTunes and the like.

The results are simply amazing! If you place a tracker on your podcast you can quickly determine how many people have listened to or even downloaded your podcast. Use podcast marketing wisely and you will see your traffic results change drastically for your online business.

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