How Much is Too Much When it Comes to SEO Content

Did you know that at one point if you had a 10 page website with at least 200 words of content on your site and submitted it to the major search engines you would be ranking and receiving traffic within a short period of time. Then came the link building revolution and this required lots of work to continue building 1 and 2 way links to your site. With these 2 methods you could fine tune your site with a bit of seo content and links and get the placement you wanted on your site. Now, most did not realize this and were not positioning keywords properly or they were over positioning them and trying anything they read about to gain top exposure.

In recent times the idea is still the same but the quality and standards are now raised. Not only do you need more content, more links and well positioned seo content on your site you know need a blog, as many social bookmarking accounts to post to and a valid Xhtml / css site. The kicker is that it doesn’t stop there, you must continue with all these elements on an ongoing basis.

Yes, at one point you could just do some good hard work for a short period of time and receive all the benefits. Now you must work at it on a regular basis. Many site owners are finding that they need to hire content writers to post fresh content on a regular basis. Now the average page size needed is closer to 1400 words per page. Other strategies are approx 700 words per page and positioning seo content (keywords) in just the right way but doubling your page numbers.

So how much is too much when it comes to SEO content I believe will come down to who has a profitable business and can continue to out-do the other sites when it comes to content. Eventually many sites will just disappear and maybe this is the over all idea to get rid of the masses trying to compete for the same business and narrow it down to a handful of dedicated companies who really strive to provide an excellent service. Lets fact it, there are tons of spam sites and fraudulent services out there and it won’t be long before these guys get called out and pulled offline.

If you are a serious business owner and looking to gain exposure and grow your business online it is very important to get up to date with what is happening on the world wide web and time to research how you can best position seo content for better results. If you want to be the one who survives in this industry then it is best to be in the “know” of what is really going on.

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