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Content writer refers to the person, who generates data in the form of text for various web sites. This is an emerging employment opportunities. Content writers are employed mostly by the information technology firms. You can find content writers in huge numbers particularly in the Internet-based e-commerce firms. They can be portals, e-mail service providers and Internet web sites of individual companies.

The content writer is hired to develop content for a particular web site. If the web site is of technical nature, then you have to hire a content writer with technical background. If the content is related to fashion and lifestyle, then you have to hire a content writer with sound knowledge of prevailing trends.

The services of a content writer can be hired for both long-term and short-term basis. The content writer is also available for per project basis. Normally, content writers are not on the payrolls of the company. They are only paid for the content they generate for a particular project.

Seo Content writers should possess excellent written communication skills. They are the source for identifying the keyword that ensures maximum visits by Internet surfers to the web site to generate traffic. These days, there are syndicates and agencies, which offer content writers to companies for project specific work. Normally, content writers have a background in mass communication.

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