It’s Not Enough To Increase Search Engine Visibility

Now that is a frustrating statement to read about. Search Engine Visibility is our goal, it is what we live for and it is how we make our money online. Though true, it is not enough anymore as people want more details and want clear instruction from sites they took the time to search for so they know they reached the best site for their needs. I tell you, I have seen sites offering niche market services but loose out in the end because their site was not clear and lacking the right information to allow the customer to move on to the next step (actually signing up for services). What a shame, they have Search Engine Visibility but miss the really big picture. If I find a site that is not complete my first thought is, will they provide me with the same kind of service.

You don’t have to be a genius to get to the top of the search engines but you do have to be professional on your presentation. Here is a quick list of what sites should at least (bare minimum):

  1. Sites should have at least 2 ways to contact them in the form of a phone number and email.
  2. Now, having a sign up form or contact form is even that much bette
  3. Sites should state on the first page within the first 3 paragraphs what type of services they offer and how I can access additional information and sign up with them
  4. Sites should have a privacy policy page

Now this is not too much to ask for from a site that has Search Engine Visibility now is it? Usually I will make contact first with a company just to see if I get a response before I purchase a software or service. I look to see what kind of response I get and if I can figure out what I am getting from them within 5 minutes, otherwise I am gone.

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