Is Your SEO Strategy Truly Global?

The internet has made the world much smaller and truly created a global economy. Optimizing a site for global performance is not an easy endeavor. Global organizations that are looking for worldwide visibility will find that SEO will be a unique challenge.

If your global brand possesses a sturdy international presence then a unique SEO strategy is absolutely imperative to maintain.

Optimizing your site for just one country might be more challenging depending on the website management and the technology.

If you do have a global presence, you should always opt for a global SEO strategy. The biggest challenge faced by global SEO strategy professionals is the conversion or translation of content to match different languages. Alternate spellings, vernacular used by locals and even the slang common to the region should all be analyzed and added. Translating the site for general viewer-ship is not a good idea, nor is the idea of a multiple site variations with identical content.

Web addresses have to be chosen keeping in mind the target audience, the key engines in the country, and their performance by default. Creating country domain extensions or including country specific content is always an added advantage.

The need for a centrally coordinated and managed strategy is imperative. Common rules and guidelines should be centrally developed with localized support to ensure your success in the global market.

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