Improve Search Engine Ranking In Less Then 1 Month

Any site owners can Improve Search Engine Ranking in less then 1 month by following a few simple steps. Let’s look at how the search engine works. Most search engines have what we call “bots” or “crawlers” and these bots search through your site and read from a starting point which could be your home page or any other page of your site if you have designed it that way. As they crawl through the pages, they look at your algorithms. This means they look at the coding of your site and the words written on your pages including the meta tags and the actual content. This is a unique pattern that separates your site from others. The more unique the site is the better. After they have checked your site they set a flag of sorts to come back and check again in a month or so. Once they come back they read through again and look for any updates, if they find new pages or content they will come back again in less then a month. In other words, the more they visit and find new information the more they come back. Therefore, the more they visit the better results you get in the search engines.

Improve search engine ranking by understanding first that by having the search engines will constantly visit your site if you provide regular updates. This will help improve your rankings. Now, let’s look at ways the search engines decide to check your site in the first place:
1. Some search engines will never visit your site unless you submit your site to them directly. This is important to understand because you may need to do a one time submission to the search engines.
2. Placing links back to your site on another site is another way to get the search engines to visit your site. This process is called link building and you can do this in various ways. Keep in mind that by placing a link on other sites it may take anywhere from 1 week to over a month before this link is found. In some cases the link is never seen if the web site you are put on has a no-follow rule in the code.
3. Blogs are well known and have great potential for getting the attention of the search engines in a much quicker way then any other method known. Blogs are especially powerful tools if you have them loaded directly on your own site. When you post articles or information on your blog, it will send a notification to one or more blog servers. Depending on how you set up the blog, you can actually notify Google, Yahoo, MSN and other well known search engines. This gets your blogs linked on blog servers and gets the search engines very interested in your site. Most sites get more traffic results in less then one month.

If you want to see traffic flowing in quickly, use the blog technology. I recommend wordpress. Make sure to fill it up with a list of the best blog servers so every post you make it pings the major search engines correctly. You can do a search for Ping Servers or even specific searches like “google blog server” or “google ping server”.

When you add content to your blog make sure it is original and well written. Make sure to use keywords, and once in awhile, find something controversial to talk about. Doing these things will help you gain traffic in less then one month. Improve Search Engine Rankings with blogs and backlinks. What you are doing is causing the search engines to visit your site more often and you have a bit of power because you can decide when the search engines will visit your site.

There are some SEO theorists out there that will tell you if you are not in google it will take 90 days to get into their system. Use the advice in this article and watch this myth vanish before your very eyes. Make sure you have a tracking system of some sort with your host provider to see the results.

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