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In today’s world of internet, it doesn’t matter if you are a small company or large corporation, any business on the internet has the same chances for organic traffic results and this makes for a whole new marketing game for traffic. To improve search engine ranking in today’s online market requires a bit of time, patience and creativity. Yes, it also requires a site.

In the words of Albert Einstein “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value”, this holds true now on the Internet
Market. Though we all want to be successful, the face of the Internet has changed greatly and people are more aware of warning signs and stay away from sites that do not provide “value” to their search results. Just because you can improve search engine ranking doesn’t mean your site holds true value to your potential clients. If you have read any of my other articles or blog posts you note that am drilling this issue of value added content to your site. Nothing upsets me more to find a site and not know what it is they really do or offer.

How can you improve search engine ranking and maintain clients through valuable content? We suggest the following:


  1. Make sure your site is SEO friendly and readable to the search engines bots.
  2. Create a Privacy Policy Page
  3. Create a FAQ’s Section
  4. Create a Contact or Support page
  5. Create a News Page
  6. Create a Press Page
  7. Use a Blog to manage the News, Press & FAQ’s.


Now, those are just a few things that are important before you get into the additional things that you will need to improve search engine ranking . Your site should be well positioned for the search engines so they can find pages of content and know what keywords your site should be placed for.

Once you have your site in position you want to start spreading the word that your site is out there in the following ways:


  1. Write articles each month educating people on your industry
  2. Submit these articles to article directory sites
  3. Submit your rss from your blog to rss directories and social book marking sites
  4. Submit your site to SE friendly directories
  5. Find related sites and broker deals with them to get your link somewhere on your site
  6. Write Press Releases
  7. Submit these Press Releases to PR websites


Over all what we are saying to make sure your site is always on the go in a sense with information and outbound links. To improve search engine ranking naturally is the best thing you can do for natural results. Don’t worry if you can’t accomplish these things there are plenty of trained companies who can manage these for you, just make sure feel comfortable with their services and that they don’t offer you things that go beyond what you really need.

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