GhostWriters: A Ghost Writer Sample

There are a large number of people who write stories, novels or informative articles as a passion or hobby. However, there are many others who pursue the same as a career, out of which some are full time writers, some work part time and others work as freelance writers or copywriters. Among those who write as a profession, a vast majority is made up by ghost writers or those writers whose work is published or printed under someone else’s name. The works of a ghostwriter are always credited to the person hiring the ghostwriter rather than the writer. Ghost writers do not take any credit for their work not because they are not concerned about name, fame or reputation, but rather because they understand that their daily bread comes from being anonymous.

The help of ghost writers is taken by many publication houses and other similar enterprises at some point or other while finishing their publications like books and magazines. The most common examples of ghostwriters are people who writer speeches for politicians. These writers are busy composing powerful soliloquies throughout their life which they are never given credit for. In many cases, teams of ghostwriters work for powerful politicians and leaders of states. Many of these people especially at the lower level often write for 1 or 2 at no charge, in order to gain some valuable experience. Similarly, many writers ghostwrite at least 1 or 2 pieces if they get the opportunity to write for a famous author, someone they admire or on a subject that they are really interested in.

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