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Is it just me or is getting your site on page 1 of the search engines just a big nightmare that only 10 people in every industry figure out. I am talking 10 out of what, a million, 2 million results, even 50 million results. I did a search in Google for SEO Content and over 69 million results showed up. I wasn’t even tempted to look through all those, I only when 2 pages. So, what does this mean? 10 out of millions of people are smart enough to do this?

Well after careful research of those 10 results I figured out that they are full of content or have other sites full of content pointing to them. You can check back links, etc and these are so varied that the common thing I find is content and full of keywords. SEO Content is the key to your success. But to be the 10 of millions you have to have more content then all those other sites.

Writing for websites and for 1 specific industry can be repetitive and after a certain point people will catch on that the information is the same over and over again. So the trick is using SEO Content in creative ways that will get the attention of the Search Engines (SE’s) and not over sell or inform of your industry to your potential clients. People are finding more and more creative ways to do this. Here are a few tips I came up with:

On the pages where you have the content make the first paragraph or first thing they see a call to action. Make them want to click on the real purpose of their search which is to find a service provider.
Don’t over do it on keywords per page of article. Using the same word over and over will get you marked for spam and your potential business will thing you don’t know what you are saying and that you just have a bunch of strange phrases
Separate your pages of content onto different html pages, don’t put all the articles on 1 pages
Most website owners I know don’t have the time to do these things, that is why companies like mine exist to help in these situations. If you are going to spend time and money on anything for promotional purposes to increase your visibility do it with content and use SEO content. Use our services to help coordinate and position content on your site for better results.

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