Ghost Writing- As A Lucrative Career In These Days

A ghostwriter is a professional writer who is paid for writing articles, stories, books and reports etc. that are actually credited to a person for whom they work. The celebrities, political leaders and executives to draft or edit magazine articles, autobiographies or any other written articles, often hire the Ghostwriters. Ghostwriters are also used in music in the composition of a film and popular music like hip-hop. The publisher or author for their co-operation often acknowledges them.

There is a huge difference in the work between a ghostwriter and a credited author. The ghostwriters are hired to polish a rough draft or an incomplete manuscript. Using concepts and samples provided by the credited author does ghost writing. It’s very rare for a ghostwriter to prepare an article or a book without the input of the credited author.

Ghost writing by the writers often takes several months to a full year writing and editing works of non-fiction for a client. They are paid either for per page with a flat rate or a percentage of the sales of the royalties. A professional ghostwriter is paid with a flat fee to an average of $12,000 -$28,000 for each book.

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