Ghost Writers: Social Bookmarking Techniques

Before I get into social bookmarking I want to first explain the difference between bookmarking sites and networking sites. It seems there is a confusion in this area and it causes those who are just looking to hire Ghost Writers a delay or even worse wasting time and talent.

Social Networking Sites

A social networking site is like Facebook, Linkedin or MySpace. These sites allow you to create accounts, make friends, add blogs or articles and do many other things to promote your services or website. Though these are very useful I will not go into full details here on how to make use of social bookmarking sites, that will be in a future article. These sites require al ot of time and attention and a Ghost Writer does come in handy here as well.

Social Bookmarking Sites

These type of sites are bit easier to work with but can take a lot of time to find a nice amount of them to work with. A social bookmarking site works like your web browser does if you want to save your favorite site to reference back later. Here are a few sites to check out:

You create an account, give a few details and now you can bookmark your favorite sites and your own of course. Go to those sites and test them out, you will find they don’t take too much time. What they do require for bookmarking are:

  • Focus on 1 keyword or phrase per bookmark. Make sure to have a few compliment keywords to go along with it. For example, if your keyword is “ghost writers” then the compliment keywords would be (ghost writing, ghost writer, seo ghost writer). You will use these compliment keywords for the tag area, but the main keyword should be used in your title
  • Write a creative description about the page you are going to bookmark. Make sure to use your keyword or phrase here as well. Try to keep these about 40 – 70 words in total
  • Choose a url from your site. This is where you can get really creative, if you have a large site, then you have lots of links to bookmark. I suggest bookmark as many as you can. Don’t do this all in 1 day, do this a bit a time each week. This is all part of deep linking strategies.

Now there are bookmarking sites called “scuttle“. This is a software for those who want to start their own bookmarking site. Here are a few example of these type of sites:

I suggest again to do the same here as the other sites, create accounts and play around with the bookmarking features.

Now, the problems most people face are:

  • Time to do this each week
  • Content for the bookmarking sites

Here are some ways to attack these issues:

Having the Time to Bookmark

My best suggestion here is to do 1 of 2 things.

First, try to use a program that can automate this process like Bookmarking Demon which is a great tool to auto post to both bookmarking sites and scuttle bookmarking sites. This tool will allow you auto create accounts and search for scuttle sites. I suggest though, that you create each account on your own one by one as these sites take different details and you can be sure that each bookmarking site is something you feel great about, then enter the user name and password into the Bookmarking Demon program and then run it that way.

The other way is to hire a company to do this for you. This method is best used for those how have a marketing budget and don’t want to spend the time on this themselves. Though this is an easy way to build links it is important that who ever you hire takes the time to do this correctly and create each account individually.

Content For Bookmarking

This is where using a Ghost Writers service comes in handy. If you are going to submit your self or hire someone to do it, make sure you have a writer that can do this correctly for you. It is a good idea to do at least 5 submissions each month so you will need a good set of 5 titles and descriptions ready to go. Make sure if you do this 5 times that you have 5 unique pieces of content for this.

Remember, that this is bookmarking not networking.

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