Ghost Writers: Jacks Of All Trades

One thing that many people don’t realize about ghost writers is that they’re considered to be “Jacks of all trades”. For instance, say you’d like to have someone write a technical manual for you. You can spend thousands of dollars to hire someone who has a masters degree in the field that your manual will be about. Likely you’ll be happy with what you get, even if you’re out quite a bit of money. Or you can hire a ghost writer.

Ghost writers, while they may have some experience writing about one item or another, are generally able to write about anything. They are kings and queens of research and can learn about just about anything you’d like them to learn about. They will ask questions so that they understand what you’re looking for in your product and will likely be able to give you the same type of product that the technical expert was able to give you for much cheaper. Never be afraid when a ghost writer starts asking you questions, because it means that they’re trying to understand exactly what you’re looking for so that you get the content that you want.

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