Ghost Writers

What are Ghost Writers? They are invisible people writing content for your site on your behalf. Your readers will be compelled to use your services or buy your products and in some cases be informed on specific subject matter. Now when I say invisible I don’t mean literally, what I am saying is they are invisible to readers as no one knows that other people wrote content for your site or wrote your articles.

In essence Ghost Writers are content writers who are trained in the delicate nature of writing content, using keywords and making these readable to your audience. Not all content writers are properly trained, so it is important to ask questions like:

Do you know how to balance quality content with proper keyword placements
Do you have proof that the keyword content you wrote had success in not only improving positions on the web but increasing sales on the clients web sites
When you hire a Ghost Writer you also want to make sure that they make no reference to your site or the work they did for you. In fact, if it is really important that no one knows you outsourced your content writers then make sure there is an agreement between your company and the writers that they will not disclose the work they did for you even if the work was so well written that it would lead to more sales.

Not all clients are concerned about concealing this information about hiring Ghost Writers, and those will prove to make great testimonials for showing off their work, but the writers and the company providing the service must respect the wishes of their clients.

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