Ghost Writer: Defining Ghost Writers

A ghost writer is someone who creates any type of written work, ranging from a book to a song to an article which is published under someone else’s name. In other words, writers and other people with writing needs hire ghost writers to create written work which is in turn officially credited to the person assigning the work. The term ghost writer traces back its origin to the fact that the ghost writer is always kept in the dark and is as invisible as a ghost when it comes to being praised or credited for a piece of work that he or she has painstakingly created.

Usually ghost writers are hired by celebrities, executives and political leaders to draft and edit their autobiographies, stories, speeches and other written materials. Ghostwriters are quite common in the world of entertainment too, with many a ghostwriter writing stories, composing music or writing lyrics that are credited to well known stars who are no longer able to do their work well or are too busy for it. Many famous authors and scriptwriters also contract ghostwriters for writing their novels and stories based on basic ideas and guidelines provided by them. At other times ghost writers are assigned the job of polishing and editing rough drafts or for writing the memoirs or autobiographies of famous people who find it hard to write themselves.

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