Five Steps to Gaining Good Writing Skills By:

Five Steps to Gaining Good Writing Skills

By: Peter Morgan

The best way to start honing good writing skills is by learning to write good essays.

At its most basic, there are five steps to writing a good essay. These good writing techniques are skills that anyone can learn.

The first step is to choose a subject in which you have an avid interest. The point isn’t so much that you can talk knowledgeably about it (because good research is part of good writing skills) but that you want to learn about it and your enthusiasm will show through. Let’s assume, for instance, that you love working from home, so you decide to write an essay about telework.

The next step is to hone the good writing skills that let you narrow down the subject and come up with a specific topic statement. Telework is a very broad subject. You could talk about how to set up your own home office, how to convince your current boss to let you do your job from home, how to convert your dream into a work from home entrepreneurship, how to resolve impediments like invasive neighbours, computer security, meeting with clients and so forth.

Writing Skills

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