Content Writers: The Problem With Duplicate Content

Recently a lot of questions have come to me all about the same thing. When using content writers or ghost writers, how can you tell if the content is duplicated or not and is that okay if it is duplicated. The issue of duplicate content seems to be a long lasting one as some see they loose results from it and others don’t. The other problem is if you are paying someone to write content then it should be original content and not duplicate, otherwise anyone can be a content writer.

Watch out for duplicate content writers, they are tricky because they will claim that your content is original and well thought out content. But if you go to you can enter in the url where your page of content is and run a check on this. This tool is great to use and is your protection against these things. Now, there may be times when some words are the same and this is fine as some writers look around and read other content and then make up their own version of it. But as long as it is not really blatant then you are safe.

Another issue with content writers is sometime after they have written great content for you and others in your industry really like it then at times they will take that same content and will use it on their sites. This happens and there really isn’t much you can do other then ask the site owner if they will remove your content or go through a mess of litigations.

The problem with duplicate content is if too many sites have the same information then only 1 site gets the credit for it. Other sites may benefit from it but that requires a lot more content then just that one piece. If you want to make sure you get full credit for your original content or duplicate content them make sure you are blogging on your site, submitting articles and submitting to podcast directories and social bookmarking services.

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