Content writer – Is it all technical writing?

Most of us have heard the word Content writer and perhaps wondered what exactly does a content writer write? Whether it is technical writing or just about anything? Well, the answer is here.

Anyone who writes Web editorially is writing web content. This could be essays, articles, blogs, product descriptions etc. which means that it is not technical writing at all.

The job of a Content writer involves writing articles, which are original, creative, interesting and which have a good language. There is no technicality involved as one just needs to have a good command over the language and grammar to write these articles.

Anyone who has been dreaming of being an author or freelance writer can take up the job of a Content writer. There are many opportunities available for those who are willing to take up this work. The downside of this however is that the pay is not very high. But the fact remains that we are fulfilling our dream of writing on one hand as well as earning some money out of it, which is definitely not a bad deal. Of course it may not be like writing a novel, but it definitely is a means of learning new styles of writing.

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