Choosing the Right Domain

Choosing the right domain has everything to do with seo content and the results you achieve in the search engines. Yes, I am just getting right to the point here and I have an example too. My friend and client at USA Online Colleges has been online with this site for less then 4 months and already has top spot in Google for his keyword domain name. Now just because you choose the right domain name doesn’t mean you will get top spots, of course he uses our services and this contributes greatly. What you should know about domains and people searching. Everyone wants to position seo content into their site but few think about in their domain name as they think this will confuse people when searching.

If you make your site in the right way then your company name will be the title of the search results… most people don’t even bother to look at your url, they just want to know based on your title and description they found is your site what they want. Now, find a great keyword and hope and pray it is not taken, have your site built as a web2.0 compliant site and use proper meta tags and descriptions to get situated. Then add tons of content to your site including information about your keywords and put the seo content where it belongs! At the top of the search engines.  

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