Choosing a Content Writer: Agency vs. Freelancer

In the quest to make connections with new customers, many business owners understand that digital marketing is an important component of the overall business strategy. Creating informative websites, enticing blogs, and engaging social media posts are critical aspects of brand building, working to reach new customers while strengthening the bond with existing customers. Business owners around the world utilize the assistance of professional content writers to build brand awareness.

Not all professional content writers are the same, however, and there are two choices when it comes to selecting assistance in developing site content: agencies and freelance writers. Each choice has its own pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each, helping you to make informed decisions before hiring a professional content writing provider.

Agency vs. Freelance Content Writers: The Advantages

What are the two choices when it comes to getting professional content writing help? These choices are agency writers and freelance writers. As mentioned earlier, each choice has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Hiring an agency to write website and social media content offers the following benefits:

  • An expectation of higher quality
  • Experience in writing for diverse clientele on a wide range of subjects
  • Adherence to the latest standards of digital marketing and search engine optimization
  • Agency connections to a range of market sectors and industries
  • Dedication to the content-development campaign, usually including a project manager and writer or writers assigned to the specific client’s needs

Freelance writers are another potential source of quality content writing. There are several advantages to hiring a freelancer instead of a content-writing agency, which include:

  • Flexibility; freelance writers often have the ability to shift the focus of a campaign more quickly, and may respond faster to changes or evolving goals faster than a professional agency
  • Ease of access, which can get projects started and completed in a more timely fashion
  • Cost considerations – freelance content writers often cost substantially less than professional agencies

Disadvantages of Agency vs. Freelance Content Writers

As with any choice, there are drawbacks on each side of the agency vs. freelance writer equation. The primary drawback is shared by both choices in that agencies and freelance writers may have many other projects they are working on. This can slow down content development dramatically. Agencies do have a slight edge in that most professional agencies have large writing teams and can pull writers aside to work on high-priority client projects.

Professional content writing agencies may be hard to connect with at times, depending on their client load and a number of current projects. These can potentially delay the creation of content for social media and website uses.

There is one significant drawback associated with choosing a freelance writer. This is a two-fold drawback, encompassing questionable reliability and delivery. Without an agency to fall back on, how reliable are these freelance writers and what options do clients have in getting the content they paid for? It is an unfortunate fact that a number of freelancers have “disappeared” during a project, never to be heard from again by the client. Clients are often left emptyhanded. That agency support may cost more, but the payoff in putting a name to a face is worth the extra expense.

Final Words

Even with the potential advantages and drawbacks between content writing choices, hiring a professional agency like The Content Writers makes solid financial sense. Professional writers have the experience and the technical understanding needed to create content that resonates with readers while boosting rankings in search results. This added expense is a worthwhile investment for any company interested in improving their online visibility.

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