Case Study of a Cheap Ghost Writer

I spoke to a potential client the other day, I was asked first if we had more then 1 writer and second what was the cost. I find it interesting that these are the 2 most important questions people seem to ask when first contacting a company like mine. On occasion I will also be asked if we are based in the U.S.

From my experience in this industry the initial contact of a client to a ghost writers company should be based on the quality of the services being provided and the originality behind the content offered. If I want my content written for me, I want a capable writer who will get my message across better then I can and when the reader is finished with this content they are compelled to use my services. What price would I pay for this? Well, that may be negotiable but I rather pay a few extra dollars for quality content then have to keep paying for less expensive writers to waste my time.

I am not saying that some of these initial questions I get are not important, but if your first concern is price you miss out on a great ghost writers service. The potential client was not interested after I quoted the price because he wanted cheap labor but high end content.

Just to give you an idea, most ghost writers who are successful in this industry are always busy writing and when you hand them new work to create they take pride in this and want to make sure they do research, ask questions and get as much details as possible in order to save you time and energy on producing the kind of content that actually converts for you. Not to mention a well trained ghost writer will not copy other work out there, but they will make sure the content is unique and check it up against sites like “

What also makes a good writer is one who has a talent to take on different personalities in their content so that each piece of content provided has a special uniqueness about it.

Keep in mind these things and decide what is more important “quality” or “price”.

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