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Have you ever wondered as what is the importance of writing articles to your websites? You must have come across many article sites specially designed to post the articles you have written. Why are such websites designed and what is their importance? Just go through this article and you would be in a better position to answer all the above questions.

Article Writing is an effective way to make your website search engine friendly. It is an off page optimization of your site to increase the website traffic and to get higher rankings in the search engines.

Content is believed to be the king of any website. People visit a website as they want to get some information from it. If your website is without any information it makes no sense to expect a huge traffic to your site. Just designing a website is not important. You might have the best of designs but just having a good design is not enough to sell your product. People want information an so it is very important that you have loads of content on your website. Apart from content you could also write useful and related articles that can help your site visitors.

Points to keep in mind while writing an article

  • Give an appealing headline to your Article.
  • The body of your article should be informative. Make sure you use the keywords at least 4% to 5% in the article to make it search engine friendly.
  • Make a resource box at the end of the article. You can also leave a link here pointing back at your website.
  • Once the article is written you need to submit them to article directories like for better visibility.

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They have been on the web for quite some time now and have been making a buzz since then. Their content quality is high and assures value added services to their customers. Apart from content and article writing they also provide additional SEO services including link building, Blog writing and submissions, press releases, on and off page optimization and forums posting.

Importance of effective link building to your website

Link building has been the oldest technique of lifting the rankings of your website and thereby the site traffic. Many people solely follow link building to get better recognition in the search engines.

Initially people only did link building to get top 10 rankings in the search engines. People would exchange links with all types of sites without bothering whether it is related or unrelated to their website. The Search engines soon found this out and from then on made it clear that just exchanging links is not important. It is very y important that you trade links with websites only that can help your visitors. For instance, if you have a site selling automobile pats it makes no sense to exchange link with a site selling wedding gowns. Trade links with sites that offer valuable information to your visitors; don’t just trade links just because you get a link pointing at your site.

The important types of link building techniques are

  • Reciprocal Links: Reciprocal links are two-way links. Like if you request to trade links with a particular site and ask them to add your link in return you will have to add their link on your website.
  • One-Way Links: One Way Links are more effective than reciprocal links. In one way links you do not have to add the link of the other website on your website.

If you are looking for an effective link building package for your website. You can take the services of They have been on the web for quite some time now and have been making a buzz since then. They have professional link builders who make sure that they trade links with high quality Pr sites only. Apart from link building, they also specialize in content and article writing, search engine submissions, blog writing and submissions, press releases and submissions and forums posting.

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