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Origin Story
Every content writer service have the same claims, but not all have the same results! This company was not started with the hopes to reach high numbers of clients. We created this site for a smaller number of clients who can make great use of content that will engage with your target audience. When we first came into this in 2006 the concept of hiring a writer was not well known, however our phones started ringing within 30 days of launch.

We started with the idea that you need content for your site and monthly content for your blogs and social media site to increase your rankings in the SERPs.You still need content for your site, you still need articles created and you still need syndication of it all.

Interesting Facts about Quality Content

Being in content creation service for 7 years you are bound to get a content thief using your content, especially when it is well written. Having other website owners steal your content tells you 2 important things

  • You have great content writers!
  • It is time to update your content

Sure, we could get upset and report them to the DMCA and start a long process of your rights!, but it is better for your business and your traffic to update and refresh your content.

Content Writing
Article Writing / Press Releases   Link Building/ Link Wheel
article writing - press release
  • Let us write professional articles, written to increase reputation and build links...
  • Get a Press Release written and approved by the top PR sites and gain high quality links...
link building - article distribution
  • We will create a link campaign and include increases your link exchanges...
  • Have your articles written and submitted to web 2.0 sites with links to backup each submission.
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Blogging / Social Bookmarking   Web Content / Content Editing
Blogging - Social Bookmarking
  • Social Media has come a long way and now it is time for you to connect to the world of web 2.0, twitter and social bookmarking.
  • Everyone has a blog right? Let us write your blog contents and get more exposure and back links. We can evaluate and or install a custom blog.
content writers - web content
  • Everyone has a blog right? Let us write your blog contents and get more exposure and back links.
  • Get fresh relatable SEO content for your sites that will increase your chances of new business. Hiring a Ghost Writer increases your time and productivity.
search engine marketing firm

All website owners who are looking into hiring a content writer eventually asks if itís truly necessary to have readable content. They wonder if anyone actually reads the substance that they have on their website. The answer is that yes, it is definitely necessary to have readable content on your site. Visitors to your website will not only be reading content because it interests them, but will also be reading it to get fully satisfied that you are who you are claiming to be on your site. With our Content Writers service, we create 100% custom SEO content for your website and also give you full copyright to your content as well.

Below is a list of all of our web content writing services. Content writing plays a much larger role in business and on website now than it ever has before. Please not that we do not disclose all of our services, so it is best to contact us at 714-529-8024 if you are interesting in learning how we can help your website by creating high quality original content that is also keyword rich.

Our mission or goal as you call it, is to create high quality original content for your website that brings in money to your business. You should not have to compromise the quality of your website content just to make it look like you have something to say, because you assume no one reads this stuff. The truth is, you are reading this right now and so will your potential clients.

The Importance of SEO and Content Writing

Getting their businesses website to the first page in a Google search result is every business owner's dream, and the most obvious way to do that is through high quality SEO and Content Writing. Unfortunately for many business owners they hire writers who use recycled content, or writers who simply try to force the keywords into content that doesn't even make any sense. What these business owners may not realize is that Google penalizes for both recycled, and gibberish, content, almost guaranteeing that your business will never be the top result in a Google search. Your content should not only contain the keywords that connect perfectly to your business, but should also contain the type of information that potential customers and clients will find informative. That is why you need to hire a writer who is able to provide you with high quality, informative SEO content.

Content Writers are experts in helping you to create effective and search engine friendly content for your website. Our dedicated team of content writers are trained and knowledgeable in knowing how to slip all of your keywords into your content while making it read seamlessly, providing high quality content that also has the effect of attracting attention to your website.

content writers
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Here is a list of our Web Content Writers services. Content writing Plays a huge role now in the search engines and more so then ever before. Here are a list of some of our services. Please note it is best to contact us at 714 529 8024 as we don't disclose all our services.

At be assured of quality and timely work. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us or sign up now!

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